Dream Valley

DateFall 2014-2015, 2017
LocationHoward Street SF
ClientHartmann Studios

Sound On Stage & Hi-Tech Audio

Various L-Acoustics systems tailored to the event’s specific needs.
Configuration as of 2017:
24 L-Acoustics Kara Mains
6 L-Acoustics SB28 Subs
12 L-Acoustics dv-Dosc Outfill
4 L-Acoustics 12XTHiQ Delays
12 L-Acoustics 8XT Delays
2 L-Acoustics 108P Near-field Monitors
12 115XTHiQ Foldback Monitors

Avid Venue SC48 Band Console
DiGiCo SD11 Production Console
15 LA8 Amplifiers
4 LA4X Amplifiers


Systems Engineer and FOH Tech for corporate event with different configuration every year.