IBM Think Park 2019

DateFebruary 2019
LocationSan Francisco, CA
ClientHartmann Studios
Sound On Stage & Hi-Tech Audio

3 L-Acoustics 8XT for Entry System
8 L-Acoustics Kiva II for N. Screen Content
2 L-Acoustics SB18 for N. Screen Content
6 L-Acoustics 8XT for Tent 1
8 L-Acoustics 8Xt for Tent 2
6 L-Acoustics Kiva II for LED Wall Content
2 L-Acoustics SB18 for LED Wall Content
8 L-Acoustics Kara for Marquee LED
2 L-Acoustics 115XTHiQ for Marquee LED
2 L-Acoustics 8XT for North Delays
3 L-Acoustics Kiva II and 1 SB18 for S. Delay
2 L-Acoustics 115XTHiQ for DJ
2 L-Acoustics SB18 for DJ

10 LA4x Amplifiers
9 LA8 Amplifiers
2 Focusrite D16R
1 Yamaha Rio 1608 I/O Rack
10 Yamaha Rio 3224-D I/O Rack
3,800ft of fiber


Systems Engineer and network designer for large fiber-based Dante system deployed over an entire city block. Each system could be sent different content and controlled remotely over the network.