Meet Arica Rust

Wavelength Engineering is the engineering services and skills provided by Arica Rust.

Arica Rust is a live sound engineer specializing in Front-of-House systems engineering. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, her expertise lies in designing, deploying, and optimizing sound reinforcement systems tailored to the client’s or artist’s needs.

Born in Oakland, California, Arica came into audio with a passion to shape how the audience experiences music. She grew up playing violin and guitar while spending all her lunch money attending concerts and buying records. Her love of music and technology brought her to Bard College in New York to study Electronic Music before she continued her education back home in California. There she received trade certificates in Live Sound and Sound Recording from City College of San Francisco before attending San Francisco State University to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts with a focus in Audio Production. Arica believes that there is never an end to learning and is a L-Acoustics certified trainer. She also formerly assisted with Rational Acoustics SMAART trainings.

In 2009, she started in the live sound industry working at nightclubs around the Bay Area. At the same time, she also worked for several local companies including Word of Mouth Sound and Know:Audio doing electronic music events.

Currently Arica freelances under her company Wavelength Engineering and works with companies such as Solotech, Sound On Stage, Creative Technology, and more. Her nearly 15 years of industry experience ranges from touring as a systems engineer with artists such as Wilco, Norah Jones, Seventeen, and Sarah McLachlan among others, to high-profile corporate events for companies such as IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce. Recently she has been getting more involved with education in audio taking on the role of Trainers Network Manager at L-Acoustics for the Americas sales region while also still freelancing part of the year.

Check out her blog on Soundgirls.org: https://soundgirls.org/contributors/arica-rust/






Wavelength Engineering is committed to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability in all aspects of event production.